About Noodle Radio

Noodle Radio is a radio station playing noodles.
A Noodle is a collection one or more of synthesizer patches that makes a synthesizer play itself, without further human intervention.
A synthesizer's instructions as to how to make a sound and how to let it evolve are kept in patches. A patch describes how modules must be connected by wires, and how the knobs on the modules must be set in order to achieve the results wanted.
Noodle Radio is brought to you by Blue Hell
For any questions or remarks: I am Jan Punter and I can can be contacted by email using   (I use a non clickable link in an effort to reduce spam)
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What the Noodle

Noodle radio 1
Radio looks like now,

Noodle radio 2
looked like at EM-2005,

Noodle radio 3

(Original Photo by Joker Nies, changed by Blue Hell)
could have looked like,

Noodle radio 4
and looked like earlier.

Noodle radio 5