Added a tropical mixer


Added a Tropical Mixer module.

What it does is mathematically simple … it computes the minima and maxima of some values. The values are made from an input value summed with a constant value and a modulation input.

This is an idea obtained from the Tropical Mixer module as implemented in GleetchLab, which seems to have got it’s idea from Nozoid’s Tropical Additive Synthesis, which then in turn is based on tropical Algebra. Basically that is equivalent to what is also called an Analog And function where values are being added to the inputs before the minimum is being calculated. In this case the values are slider positions, added to a modulation input (which have a value of 0.0 when nothing is connected to them). In addition to the minimum value (tropical) the maximum value (polar) is being calculated as well (as this module is an expansion of the AnalogAndOr module).

To make it do Tropical Additive Synhesis you can use a sine oscillator followed by a ChebGen (wave rate multiplier) module, feeding the outputs of the oscillator and the ChebGen into the ins of this module, and then fiddle with the sliders and modulations.

With the AC/DC switch AC blocking on the output signals can be turned on or off.

The mode can be either tropical or sub-tropical, tropical being the min/max of the sums and sub-tropical being the min/max of the products. When the mode is sub-tropical the mods inputs will default to 1.0 and in the tropical mode to 0.0.

The module is rate-smart, when audio rate signals get connected to it, it will run at audio rate (with the connectors turning red) and whewn it only has control rate signals it will run at control rate (with the connectors staying blue).

  1. jan

    Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 01:27:44

    There was room for an extra channel on the TropicalMixer, so I’ve added that (there are 8 now). There are no compatibility issues with this.

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