A proper oscilloscope

Made an oscilloscope module, a somewhat more usual one than the XYScope module.

The module listens to the selected voice only.

The input signal is amplified or attenuated by the level control.

The time base can be set to various values, the values reflect the time for the full screen width (so not the usual time per division). For long time base values the update frequency is low. The shortest time span that can be set is one point per sample, in this position the relation between signal rate and size on screen depends on the sample rate.

Trigger mode can be set to Level or Ext. In Level mode the trig level sets the level to be used for triggering and the input signal (after attenuation / amplification) is used for that. In Ext. mode the ext. tr input is being used, this is a digital input and the trigger level controls do not affect triggering on this input.

Either an upgoing or a downgoing signal edge can be used to trigger on, The edge control selects between these modes.

The input can be AC or DC coupled, the default is DC coupling.