Two new Equalizer modules


This is why I needed filter plots, two new equalizer modules. One mono and the other stereo, but otherwise equal.

All gain parameters go from -15dB to +15dB, the bandwidth parameters go from 0.2 to 5.0.

The low-mid frequency ranges from about 75Hz to 1.9kHz, the high-mid range is from about 380Hz to 7.2kHz.

There is a fixed high pass rumble filter set at 20Hz.

Followed by a low shelving filter set fixed to 100Hz, with variable gain.

Followed by a low-mid peak filter with variable frequency, gain and bandwidth.

Followed by a high-mid peak filter with variable frequency, gain and bandwidth.

Followed by a high shelving filter with a fixed frequency of 12kHz and a variable gain.

Followed by an overall gain control.

The modules are polyphonic, in that all voices are kept separate (but they share the knob settings, as there are no modulation controls). When polyphony would make no sense for the patch (for instance when used after mono modules, like a reverb or a compressor), or when voice mixing is what is wanted, the modules can be set to operate in mono mode (trough the module context popup menu), which will save a bit on CPU time.

And here is a new example filter plot, from the now built-in amplitude curve evaluator. Horizontal scale is 1 0ct/division and vertical scale is 6dB/division.

The low cut rumble filter is on, it has it’s -3dB point at 20Hz, there is 3dB bass lift going down from 80Hz over that and then two wide bells at the indicated frequencies both at +9dB and finally about 3dB high shelving at 10kHz.

Placed the module on the FX tab.

2021-05-05: Made the 20 Hz high pass rumble filter on the equalizers switchable, it is on by default. And I declare the equalizer modules to be finished, for now …

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