New envelope module type


Made a new EnvARMod envelope module, it has better time and shape control than the existing EnvAR module. It also has outputs for the A, H and R phases (as well as as for End Of Cycle (EOC). It also has not the bug mentioned in the previous item.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.3.0

This one was already visible in the previous pre-release, but it did not work at all in that one.

A retriggerable Attack Release type Envelope.

The envelope will start when the trig input goes from zero, or below zero, to above zero. When the envelope period was not finished when a new trigger comes in the Attack phase will start from the value where the output was at that moment.

The Envelope amplitude is set by the gain input, when this input is not connected the gain will be 1.

The leftmost output will output the envelope signal as is, while the rightmost output will apply the envelope to the signal present at the input above it.

The Attack and Release shapes can be set to Log, Lin, Exp or S type.

The mute button will set all outputs to zero when active.

A and R time modulation is present, the modulation values are added and / or subtracted to / from the preset times.

With the Inh(ibit) input the envelope can be disabled (when it’s value is >= 0.5).

The A, R and H outputs go active when the A, R or H state is active, the EOC output goes active when none of the A, R, or H states is active.

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