A new module and some extra modulations


Added a couple of modulations to the percussion osc, for click, decay and fine (cents) control.

Also made a new module, a prototype for a Daphne Oram type of Oramics module. I plan to make some variations on this one.

The idea is to use an image as a control source (score). So the module can load a bitmap file (it currently must be a 24 bit bitmap I guess?) and it has a control signal (position) to be able to scan over the image.

The modue divides the image into four stripes, where each stripe has an output associated with it. Currently the ouput value is determined by the luminance in the stripe only - it simply adds all the RGB values at the current position and stripe. I’m expecting some variations on this theme.

Images can be arbitrary wide and long, the width will be sccaled to fit the module and the height is scaled accordingly to keep the aspect ration intact. The image used for output generation is not scaled, so there can be more resolution than visible on the module.

Oh .. and the input and output type controls are not currently working, they need / deliver positive only signals currently.


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.16.2