New distortion module


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.10.0]

Made a new Distort module. It takes it’s input value and raises it to a settable power (alpha) which can be modulated.

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New poly status module and a change of the old one


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.5.0]

Changed the PolyStatus module a bit and added a PolyStatus2 module with a different distributen of the output values over the voices.

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A new module


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.27.0

A low-pass gate of sorts.

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And a third one …


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.13.0

Made yet another quantizer, it quantizes it’s input value to various levels each with it’s own output.

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Another quantizer


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.12.0

Made another quantizer, it quantizes it’s input value to a value set between the lo and hi values.

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Fixed filter bank


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.24.1

Made a new fixed filter bank module with 38 bands, starting at 35Hz each next band has a 17% higher central frequency for it’s bandpass filter till the last sits at about 12kHz..

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A new module and some extra modulations


Added a couple of modulations to the percussion osc, for click, decay and fine (cents) control.

Also made a new module, a prototype for a Daphne Oram type of Oramics module. I plan to make some variations on this one.

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Two new modules


Made two new modules, a Copy/shuffle modle and a percussion oscillator.

The Copy module copies it’s inputs to it’s outputs - but the coupling can be randomized in some way.

The percussion oscillator is loosly modelled after the pch2csd interpretation of the Clavia G2 OscPerc modue (type 195 there) - it ended up a bit different than the original escpecially for the punch mode. Oh, and it got a bit of an odd name somehow … OscTrigCs, will fix that later on.


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.13.0


New TunedDelay module


Made a new TunedDelay module.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.21.0


Upped the current pre-release


The current pre-release was upped to officially include the changes in the three posts before … the RandSigs quadratic mode, the bug fix in the PDosc module and the inclusion of the Log2 module.

The Log2 module is the inverse (with some restrictions for low input values) of the Power2 module.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.5.0


A new power2 module


Made a new power2 module, it calculates 0.5 * Power( 2.0, input). This is meant to make higher values less likely, more quietness …

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.4.0

Also made the inverse, a Log2 module, which will be in the current pre-release.


New envelope module type


Made a new EnvARMod envelope module, it has better time and shape control than the existing EnvAR module. It also has outputs for the A, H and R phases (as well as as for End Of Cycle (EOC). It also has not the bug mentioned in the previous item.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.3.0

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Some small changes

There still was an issue with the ScaleQuantizer. When first loaded from the module selector it would by default need an enforce operation, fixed that.

Changed the connector popups to additionally show the signal type .

Published as pre-release. 2021.6.24.1


Random divider module


The module divides the incoming signal rate by a random amount.

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A new wave folder module


Made a WaveFolder module. This module implements a Serge / Ken Stone / Buchla like wave folder using a chain of 4 Lockhart wave folders. The module is anti-aliased using a first order antiderivative method.

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A new Spectrum analyzer module

Made a spectrum analyzer module. It is FFT based and it uses 8192 points with a Blackman Nuttal window applied over it.

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Two new Equalizer modules


This is why I needed filter plots, two new equalizer modules. One mono and the other stereo, but otherwise equal.

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A new NoiseGate module

Added a NoiseGate module. With the Attack and Release controls you set the attack and release times.

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A new data recorder module

Made a data recording module, along the lines of the Recorder module, but it takes it’s input from the selected voice only (so no voice mixing) and it writes out it’s data as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

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A proper oscilloscope

Made an oscilloscope module, a somewhat more usual one than the XYScope module.

The module listens to the selected voice only.

The input signal is amplified or attenuated by the level control.

The time base can be set to various values, the values reflect the time for the full screen width (so not the usual time per division). For long time base values the update frequency is low. The shortest time span that can be set is one point per sample, in this position the relation between signal rate and size on screen depends on the sample rate.

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Added a tropical mixer


Added a Tropical Mixer module.

What it does is mathematically simple … it computes the minima and maxima of some values. The values are made from an input value summed with a constant value and a modulation input.

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