Summer Solstice 2011 schedule

Poster by Jack Hertz

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1200* Midi Chatroom Jam8078 Blue_HellBlue_Hell
1230* Midi Chatroom Jam8078 Blue_HellBlue_Hell

1300* Shane Morris8052 playlist DJ1 (sc_trans)Blue_Hell

1330* Vadim Ehrlich8130 public_1Blue_Hell

1400* Acoustic Interloper8088 acoustic_interloperBlue_Hell

1430* Woody Monk8120 wmonkBlue_Hell

1500* Symatic8132 public_2Blue_Hell

1530* HrastProgrammer8082 hrastprogrammerBlue_Hell

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1600* mtvic8136 public_4DrSteve

1630* Zreen Toyz8134 public_3DrSteve

1700* EPICYCLUS8066 EpicyclusDrSteve

1730* Slate8138 public_5DrSteve

1800* Jack Hertz8128 Jack_HertzDrSteve

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1830* Paul Harriman8052 playlist DJ1 (sc_trans)Blue_Hell

1900* Audiodef8114 audiodefBlue_Hell
1930* Audiodef8114 audiodefBlue_Hell

2000* Antimon8110 antimonBlue_Hell

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2030* Jez Creek & Xan Alexander8060 modulator_espEdisonRex
2100* Jez Creek & Xan Alexander8060 modulator_espEdisonRex
2130* Jez Creek & Xan Alexander8060 modulator_espEdisonRex

2200* Chez mosc with Dave Sneed8070 moscEdisonRex
2230* Chez mosc with Dave Sneed8070 moscEdisonRex

2300* Dennis Moser (usr_sbin)8130 public_1EdisonRex
2330* Dennis Moser (usr_sbin)8130 public_1EdisonRex

0000* Blue Hell8078 Blue_HellEdisonRex

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0030* Dr. Steve8052 playlist DJ1 (sc_trans)Shanester

0100Acid Trash8132 public_2Shanester

0130* dRachEmUsik8052 playlist DJ1 (sc_trans)Shanester

0200Allen Goodman8134 public_3Shanester
0230Allen Goodman8134 public_3Shanester

0300Kevin Kissinger8076 KevinKissingerShanester
0330Kevin Kissinger8076 KevinKissingerShanester

0400* Jeff Duke (loopzz)8136 public_4Shanester
0430* Jeff Duke (loopzz)8136 public_4Shanester

0500Victims of Physics8138 public_5Shanester

0530* Les Hall8072 InventorShanester
0600* Les Hall8072 InventorShanester

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* = "earned a * with testing" (but I may not have noticed all (june 16, Blue Hell))