Time Who [dl] Location Username Description
17:00 Plastixman CYBERSPACE PlastixMan This is a noodle experiment that will be controlled by the chatroom
18:00 Shamaniaq USA ylla no description
18:30 Mystahr the Netherlands Mystahr His broad variety of sound sources often seems to go diverging directions, reflecting his viewpoint that nothing ever stays the same; the world around us, and indeed nature itself, erode and evolve through chaos. That very chaos has become a fundamental element in Mystahr's work, its sheer beauty always enticing the listener, its unpredictability always keeping the listener's direct attention. Rummaging through the experimental debris of such diverse sounds, sounds that may occasionally seem unbearable, he has made a profound discovery: amidst this chaos hides a calm. Pursuing that calm both in music as well as in life, Mystahr quests on, ever restless.
19:30 Inventor Miami, FL. USA Inventor I'll be running my No Wave Generator, a ChucK program that I wrote. No Wave was popular from 1978 to 1992 in New York. It is characterized by a lack of characterization, a mix of hard driving rhythms along with gentle wandering tones. The generator has Guitar, Drums, and Sax. I will play the generator by occasionally pressing keyboard buttons which randomly generate a new instrument, tempo, or logic table.
20:30 Antimon Malmo, Sweden Antimon I've been rehearsing a song that I hope to submit to the monome compilation album Auditory Canvas is managing over at the monome forum. It's all about launching clips live from the monome and cutting them up a bit - I'll try to make some more clips to play.
21:00 Modulator ESP Nottingham, UK modulator_esp I'll be trying out an ambient looping set, possibly with some minimal sequencing, using G2, Repeater and Evolvers. It will be improvised live on the night.
21:30 EdisonRex London, UK EdisonRex This slot will probably be somewhat more ambient than the NYE slot which was heavily Klee-inspired. I'll be making use of the Neuron as well as the various "more conventional" analogue synthesizers in my studio. This will be "mostly improvised", in keeping with previous performances.
22:30 Shane Morris USA magnatron Tribal Ambient, SpaceMusic
24:00 Astronota Porto, Portugal jono I'll be playing my upright through midi converter to G2 and will use Live to make loops controlled with pk5a pedal. It will be improvised, maybe a metal thing, who knows?!
24:30 OCP Porto, Portugal ocp it is all a question of frequency
01:30 Kevin Kissinger Kansas City, Mo. USA kkissinger I have been experimenting with looping with clock sync with my Aries synthesizer and getting some intriguing results. Expect to hear music that is ambient with some "grooves" that will come and go as I build loops that are sync'd to the clock. The Aries is now 33 years old, it makes great sounds, and is all the more flexible with the use of live-looping equipment.
02:30 Blue_Hell and Magnatron the Netherlands / USA Blue Hell and Magnatron This will be a stream jam between Jan in Netherlands and Shane in the USA with a 2:20 second latency. This will be an improvised set combining several styles of experimental music including Noodling, Musique concrete, Exquisite corpse, and Ambient. We will also be using Cage-ian concepts such as principles of randomness and chance in the composition.
03:30 Earthgirl Indianapolis, IN. USA earthgirl ambient atmospheric music
04:30 Ganzha Almaty, Kazakhstan Ganzha no description
05:30 Howard Moscovitz Allentown, Pennsylvania USA Mosc Impromptu and such things