Bug in ScaleQuantizer


Note: this is not working, it needs more work …

The ScaleQuantizer would not treat the scale selector as a preset selector, instead it would always overrule any manual changes of the scale. I’ve fixed this in the latest pre-release.

When structural changes were made to a patch, a wire change or addition or removal of a module; or when a patch was saved to disk and then reloaded, the write order of the controls on the module would mess things up.

The individual note buttons were written first and then finally the preset. Then on a reload the preset was read last and that would override the individual note selectors.

I’ve changed the write order so that the preset is written first and the individual buttons after that, so that on read the buttons will override the preset now.

The indicated preset name is not accurate anymore in such a case, to fix that the preset should be changed to something else and back again.

Maybe it would have been better to make the individual notes indiccators only to not allow manual scale changes, but then again, the view the scale selector as a preset makes some sense too.

Also see: https://electro-music.com/forum/topic-72842.html