F4 debug screen is gone

I’ve removed the debug graphs utility. This was the (optional) F4 screen … will have to use the Scope module for this from now on. A bit of a small screen and a bit of thinking needed for callibration, but working a lot faster and way less fuzzy.

New search functionality

I’ve added an option for description search.

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A new NoiseGate module

Added a NoiseGate module. With the Attack and Release controls you set the attack and release times.

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Step modulation for GateSeq

Added step modulation to the GateSeq module, it modulates the set steps value. When nothing is connected to this input the cycle will be the full steps value.


A couple of (XY) Scope changes and bug fixes.

I forgot to set a pen color for the trace drawn by the scope modules, and some more stuff.

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Alt key modifier for knobs

Added an Alt key modifier for knobs and sliders, when Alt is down the cursor up and down keys will take 96 steps instead one one. This speeds up keyboard handling for knobs with many steps a bit.

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A new data recorder module

Made a data recording module, along the lines of the Recorder module, but it takes it’s input from the selected voice only (so no voice mixing) and it writes out it’s data as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

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Bug in EqDivQuantizer

The equal division quantizer (ModEqDivQuantizer) does not work properly.

A big thanks to wmonk, he got the right code for me to fix it. So, let’s try it in the wild world web now!

eSpeak bug

It looks like eSpeak is not being detected correctly when only the 64 bit version of it has been installed, I’m investigating this.

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A proper oscilloscope

Made an oscilloscope module, a somewhat more usual one than the XYScope module.

The module listens to the selected voice only.

The input signal is amplified or attenuated by the level control.

The time base can be set to various values, the values reflect the time for the full screen width (so not the usual time per division). For long time base values the update frequency is low. The shortest time span that can be set is one point per sample, in this position the relation between signal rate and size on screen depends on the sample rate.

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Rearranged module tab

Some minor changes in the order of the modules on the Utility tab.

Error in Scala SCL parser.

An error in the Scala SCL file parser, it would not accept files where the comment was empty.

Changed the parser to accept empty comments.


Another font bug fixed

Another fix for the fonts, changes in module and module title font did not propagate properly anymore.

Connector hint popups

Connector hint popups will now show if they are in- or out-put.

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Hint window bug and font selection issues

The size for hint windows with an image in them is not calculated correctly.

Ok, fixed that and also, this time really, fixed the shutdown issue mentioned before (things actually went wrong with all font selection). Also I’ve set the default popup font size to 10, it was not defaulted before and it came up as 8, which even for me is a bit small on the popups.

Connector hints changed

Removed the module name prefix from the connector hints, and added a small offset to the display position such that the mouse no longer overlaps the hint.

Fixed a bug in the connector hint implementation

Fixed a bug in the connector hint implementation that would lead to occasional crashes on stopping Wren.

Fonts for hints user configurable now

I’ve made the font for hint windows user configurable. There are two types of hint windows, “normal” ones with an image in it (from the module selector) and simple ones without an image (everywhere else). Both have their own font selection, to be set from the .
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Cursor movement DataGraph

Disabled cursor movement for the DataGraph module when it runs at audio rate.

Change in RandSigs module

Added a randomize input to the RandSigs module, when it activates (goes from under 0.5 to over 0.5) in a voice it will set new random values for that voice immediately.


Bug in poly specs

Fixed a couple of poly specification errors, that’s only how the affected modules were drawn. Also fixed a bug in the GateSeqMulti module where a parameter index was wrong, this was a true bug ffecting performance in some cases.

Bug in the Mux module

There was a bug in the Mux module, crossfading would only work when something was connected to the cross fade modulation input. Fixed it.


Some experimental formants

Added the following fantasy items to the wren.formants file (for the Formant2 module), to get some fantasy ‘vowels’ in it as a form of primitive modal filter morphing. This will be in the following proper (non pre) release (so not in a pre-release), but you could add these manually to the file (it resides in the wren.exe folder, use notepad or similar for it).

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Changed the file open dialog for wave files

Changed the file open dialog for sound files such that it will, by default, show all the possible audio file extensions in the file list. It is still possible to, say, show wav or aiff files only.


Added a tropical mixer


Added a Tropical Mixer module.

What it does is mathematically simple … it computes the minima and maxima of some values. The values are made from an input value summed with a constant value and a modulation input.

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